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Benefits of being self motivated

Motivation / May 23, 2017

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 3.12.11 PMHow recruiters can become a hero of your hiring managers by dramatically reducing the number of hours that they have to spend motivating and watching their employees

If you are a corporate manager, you already know that you routinely spend a significant portion of your time trying to motivate your employees. On average, I estimate that encouraging, cajoling, and the worst part, having to hang around just to ensure that your employees are continuously working takes up to 50 percent of the average manager’s time each week. If you don’t believe my estimate, ask a few managers to keep a work log for a few weeks if you want an accurate time for your firm. You might go a step further and ask a few of your managers if they enjoy trying to motivate and if they are good at it, because you’re likely to find that they dread every minute of it.

Fortunately you can recapture every minute of that “motivation time” if you just do one simple thing: begin recruiting and hiring self-motivated employees. These type of employees are not a myth. They are called self-motivated or intrinsically motivated people. Imagine what it would be like as a manager to have a team full of employees who not only automatically did the work that they were assigned but who would also proactively seek out new work that needed to be done.

If you’re having doubts about the value of hiring self-motivated individuals, think back to a time in your career where you had an employee who was 100 percent self-motivated and driven. You shouldn’t have to stretch your memory to remember the pleasure of having them as part of your team because they produced so much with literally no effort on your part. Now imagine what it would be like to have an entire team of those self-motivated individuals who would free up so much of your time that you would have 2 ½ days per week extra to work on more important management tasks such as planning, forecasting, and innovating. In my experience, the best phrase to describe that situation would be “pure unadulterated joy.”