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I have no energy or motivation

Motivation / March 15, 2018

I'm 21, bright, full of potential and with lots of dreams...but I feel completely, ridiculously unable to complete menial daily tasks. I need to move out, as family life isn't peachy. I need to do a lot of things to get my marketing career going, and I see it: but I'm unmotivated and lazy. Today is a low point, very low, can't stop tearfully moping about. Plz help. :(
I feel a crushing lack of energy, apathy, lack of focus/motivation.

I am unable to clean my room, lack the energy to work out, complete even the small menial tasks of the day.

I feel incredibly lazy and ridiculous-I am a 21 year old University student on summer holidays. I do decently in school. I like going out and making friends. I'm extroverted and outgoing.

If you read other questions, you know things at home aren't so good. While since I've come home from abroad they've calmed down significantly and there's no fighting, I need to move out. Soon. I need to be independant.

However, I feel stuck, alone, uncomfortably sad for no reason, unmotivated and completely lazy, totally disgusting.

I don't always feel like this, but kind of often. I tried hard to find a job this summer but marketing internships are excessively hard to come by. I do some free-lance event planning stuff to make some money/get some experience. I tutor a family friend's kid some french. I send out a few applications a week to try and get a job. I haven't turned into a total tub of lard but I'm probably working at 10% of my capacity.

What do I do? I need to snap out of this. Please help me. Today is especially worse. I'm in a dark fog and I don't know how to snap out. I'm sorry if this makes little sense. I love my family and should love my life, I have a lot of potential and opportunities.

But apparently I'm not helping out at home as much as I should. I'm being snippy and teary at my loved ones. I wallow in my room more than I should. And I'm not working out or doing nearly as much as I should to make me happy.

I've dealt with anxiety my whole life. But this kind of apathetic depression is something new. I need to snap out of it because my life is waiting. I lack focus.

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