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Motivation / October 11, 2018

Motivational Speaker and Author John-Leslie Brown, Son of Les Brown, Comes To Sacramento This WeekendBy Michael P Coleman

We’ll have an opportunity to be touched by one of today’s greatest motivational speakers when John-Leslie Brown stops by Barnes & Noble Arden Fair in Sacramento Saturday, June 10 from Noon-1pm. He’ll be reading from and autographing copies of his new bestselling book, Harvard Effect.

In speaking with Brown, I immediately got a sense that we knew each other. He was born and raised in Detroit, so that was a part of the connection. Another part stemmed from my knowing his father. In fact, you know him too: Brown’s dad is the legendary motivational speaker Les Brown!

I’m not one for clichés, but after just a few seconds, it was clear that the apple didn’t fall too far from that tree.

“Of course, my grandmother, Mamie Brown, was the center of our family, ” Brown reflected. “She adopted a set of twins, and one of them was my dad, Les Brown, who was labeled mentally retarded but went on to inspire millions of people around the globe.”

“So I grew up in the family business, watching my dad make a difference in people’s lives. All my life, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can make my difference.”

michael bioJust a few seconds with Brown and you’ll realize that “making a difference” comes as easily to him as breathing. Brown’s new Harvard Effect has reached number one on Amazon in the Motivational Growth & Spirituality category. It’s a collection of powerful tools for achieving personal and professional goals.

I asked Brown what we can expect this Saturday at Barnes & Noble Arden Fair.

“Number one, I’ll present a new system for success, ” Brown shared. “A current one. An updated one. We can’t be talking about 20th century strategies for success in the 21st century!”

That’s an eye-opener, isn’t it?

“Number two, my goal is never to just be a role model, ” Brown continued. “I want to be an enrollment model. To do that, we have to form relationships with people and really measure the growth in their lives. So I want to meet people personally and start building those relationships with high achievers.”

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