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Motivation to know more about technology from Telegram

Motivation / January 26, 2018

Telegram channels are the analogue of mass mailing. But it is not a spam, as any person may unsubscribe from the channel at any time. What can you put on the channel? Huge variety of Telegram stickers, interesting links, articles, your own thoughts, notes, pictures, videos - almost everything.

The most popular channels in the Telegram appeared long ago. But there are those that have quickly gained popularity, but are rather young.

Due to the ease and comparative security created by Pavel Durov Telegram service is gaining popularity quickly. Recently, Google even suggested buying the messenger for $1 billion, but the deal never took place.

Last fall the Telegram channels appeared — analogue of blogs without feedback from the audience. Lots of users search for cryptocurrency news telegram channel and technologies. Those queries can be found easily. Moreover, it is possible to spend in Telegram more time than you planned, because the contents of the channels are very interesting and informative. What channels should be chosen for the first time? We suggest some really great channels.

Pavel Durov writes about the development of Telegram and post photos from trips.

A channel with programming news and tips and tricks, nice for beginners but also for experienced programmers.

The official Telegram Desktop channel, firsthand information from the developer. Remember that if you use a large Telegram Desktop window it will be showing more content for you.

High-quality articles on technology, programming, marketing and future-looking news, with a pinch of humor on “Hippo Money | Cryptonomics 101”.

Choose any channel you like and create your own one. Being curious nowadays is really cool!