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Motivational Skills training

Motivation / November 22, 2016

Currently demand for public schedule is growing slowly and dates will be scheduled accordingly.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for those who wish to understand motivational theory and then apply techniques to motivate both themselves and those around them.


This course provides a solid grounding in the factors that influence people's motivation and provides the tools to build and harness motivation in the workplace.

Course Syllabus

What is motivation?

The basics
Motivation and reward

Motivating Yourself

Personal goals
Negative motivational forces

Motivating Others

What makes a good motivator?
Common goals
The top 5 motivational techniques
Identifying individual motivational triggers


Leadership styles
The motivational effect of your actions
Theories of motivation


Positive feedback
Dealing with mistakes

What you get

Training room - soft skills


Lunch is provided at a local restaurant or pub. Browse the sample menus:

Breaks and timing

Courses start at 9:30am.